Battle of the Pizza Dough

I recently decided to challenge myself with cooking, and decided to make one of my all time favorite foods from scratch- pizza!  I wanted to do something different and special so I made a variation I knew my boyfriend, Ryan, would like.  I attempted BBQ Chicken Pizza with buffalo mozzarella, caramelized onions, and fresh cilantro on top.  The idea for this recipe was adapted from one seen on the Eat Live Run Blog.

By far the biggest challenge of this meal was making the dough from scratch.  The challenge did not arise in making the dough, but in working with it.  I guess it would only be fair to mention that I do not own an electric mixer so yes- this was all done by hand.

I was following the pizza dough recipe from the ELR blog ( Pizza dough recipe).  The recipe clearly states to use 1/2 of the dough for one pizza.  When I halved the dough and eyeballed what was in front me, I was afraid.  I was afraid to call Ryan into the room and have him  go bonkers over the insanely small portion in front of us.  I was not in the mood to hear some joke about how I apparently was putting him on a diet or making a personal pizza recipe.  Therefore, I decided to use all the dough.  Rookie Cooking 101: Follow the recipe.

Needless to say there was WAY to much dough and our pizza was pretty much sicilian style.  I was faced with the choice of undercooked dough in the oven or burnt cheese.  I cooked the pizza for about 5 minutes longer than recommended and tried to salvage my hard work.  In the end, the BBQ sauce and chicken were a bit dried from overheating and the onions crisped up a bit too much.  But, ultimately, the pizza tasted good.

Attempt 1:  BBQ Chicken Pizza


However, I am a perfectionist.  Good is not great.  In the world of school, “good” is a B, and I want an A.  So what is a girl to do?  Try again.  And that’s exactly what I did the next night.  Only this time, I did two things different:  1. Follow the recipe.  2.  Cook what I want: margarita pizza!

Attempt 2:  Margarita Pizza


The result? An A+.  Added bonus: it was even more photogenic.  Next time I would like to try to make the pizza sauce from scratch as well.  But for now?  This rookie cook is pleased add pizza to the list of things I can cook.


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