Rachel Ray Pesto Presto Chicken: Three Bites Enough

The other night I wanted to try a recipe that looked delicious, involved relatively little prep time, and didn’t appear too challenging.  So, I turned to my trustworthy friend Rachel Ray and tried her “Pesto Presto Chicken”.

The only substitution I made was to use walnuts instead of pine nuts in the recipe because is it really necessary to purchase 1 TBS of pine nuts? Exactly.  Her detailed recipe can be found here.  The ultimate result is chicken stuffed with a cheese/basil/parsley/nut pesto topped with tomatoes, EVOO, and some parmesean cheese.


This meal sounds delicious.  It even looks delicious.  It even tasted delicious for the first three bites.  The flavor of the warm pesto stuffing is great, and the broiled tomatoes on top are a excellent touch.  So what is my beef with this chicken dish (humor the pun)?  The chicken on both the top and the bottom of the dish makes it too meaty and in my mind, you do not get enough of that gooey delicious center.  Instead you get lots and lots of chicken.  I am very picky with the proportions of flavors in my food, and while some bites tasted great, others just tasted like chicken.  It should be noted, I suppose, that my boyfriend loved this dish.  So it is certainly worth a taste if you like a lot of meat in your bite.

Even though this recipe was easy, it still took about 45 min. to prepare.  I didn’t quite love it enough to make again myself.  There are far too many ways I can use those precious 45 minutes on a busy week night.  I could study, clean, read a book, or catch up on 1.5 episodes of the Big Bang Theory.  If you think those possibilities were mentioned in increasing order of likeliness, you are correct.


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