$15 Caramels? Yes. Worth It.

I am so excited because last night I received a package that I have been waiting for all week.


When Ryan and I were in NY over the holidays, we stopped at Chelsea Market Baskets, located in (surprise) Chelsea Market.  This particular store, like many in the market, is stocked with unique and drool-worthy specialty foods that make you want to buy everything in site.  From spices to cheeses to oils to sweets, the variety of hard-to-find-elsewhere goods is endless.  Luckily for my wallet, we were in a rush and didn’t have too much time to shop.  I did, however, see a cute display of all different types of caramels that I knew I had to try.

I was only allowed one free sample of one type of caramel.  They had about six different varieties to choose from including vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, salted, etc..  I decided to ask the clerk what was popular and what she recommended.  She responded that the sea salt is the most popular and her personal favorite.


I am not a fan of salted sweets, with the obvious exception of chocolate covered pretzels.  But still, I decided to go crazy and try the salted caramel per her recommendation.

Four words: out of this world.  The salt is not at all overbearing- it is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the caramel.  Wow oh wow.  I ended up buying a bag of assorted flavors, obviously with a lot of salted caramel mixed in.  The funny thing is that the two best flavors, in my opinion, were the salted caramel and the cinnamon.  Those happen to be the two flavors I would have never tried without a recommendation from someone else.  Lesson learned: ask what is popular/recommended, and don’t be afraid to try new things.  I cringe at the trying new things line because it really sounds like something my mom would have said to me when I was young.  But inevitably, she was right.

With one persistent craving, an Amazon search, and $15 (inc. shipping) later,  these sweet and salty gems were mine.  All 20 of them.  Some may call me crazy, but I know fellow foodies will understand the priceless value in a perfect piece of candy.

Here is the link to heaven.  You may want to make sure your credit card is not within arms reach. Bequet Confections


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