Random Resolutions

Lately I have realized something.  Call it an epiphany, a “lightbulb” moment if you will.



Life is hard.

I don’t mean that in a depressing, whiny, unappreciative, or overly-deep way, and I am not trying to turn a typically upbeat blog into a self-help/ soul searching one.  All I mean is that the reality of everyday life is exhausting, and it is so easy to lose yourself in obligations and to-do lists that the little daily pleasures get sacrificed.  I am finding it really necessary to assess my thoughts and actions frequently and set mini goals or desires for myself.   I find this so helpful in terms of realigning priorities, and in making progress towards being happier with the way each day plays out.

Yesterday was so hectic that I actually forgot about my Monday Morning Moment post, and the sad/corny/geeky thing is, I was really bummed out when I realized that.

Although February 19th seems as random a time as any to do some self reflection, I have decided that I am at that perfect crossroads of overwhelmed and motivated that it is time to set some goals for the next, lets say, 30 days.  We all have little things that help us stay sane, happy, motivated, confident, (insert any positive adjective), and this is my list of such things.

My Totally Random, Off-Topic, Very Necessary Resolutions:

1.  Sit on my balcony each morning and enjoy my coffee/breakfast.

2. Run more often.  Same goes for weights.  Less lazy-girl elliptical!

3. Make more of an effort to catch up with old friends.

4. Be more organized and on top of chores (boring but so necessary)

5. Improve time management

6. Read every day, even if for 5 minutes

7. Spend a little more time getting ready each day.  Let’s face it girls- we feel better when we look  a little more put together.

When you think about it, these little things are what we have to keep us happy.  While vacations and fancy dinners and holidays are nice, they are not everyday occurrences.   These short (yet often forgotten) lists of pleasures and such keep our lives happy and organized on a day to day basis.  I honestly feel writing these down, whether on a blog or a post-it note, make us feel more accountable and likely to follow our own advice.

Of course, life will get crazy again, and I will once again need to re-assess all of the important pleasures I let slip.  But hopefully, when that time comes, some of these 7 things will be habit, and I can add new things to my list.

Tomorrow’s post will also involve a crucial factor in the quest for daily happiness: soup.  Delicious soup with 2 fun twists ;)


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