25 Things I Now Realize at 25:

  1. I actually really like brussel sprouts.
  2. Dogs are, most definitely, better than people.
  3. True friends are extremely rare, and as life gets busy, efforts to maintain those friendships is necessary and important.
  4. Very few bad days can’t be remedied by wine and/or cookies.
  5. Salmon is delicious.  But pizza is still better.
  6. Waking up early to get ready slowly is much better than rushing out the door.
  7. The more education I receive, the less I know.
  8. I don’t really like science, and if I had the energy/time/desire/money to change career paths, I would.  Although I still have no clue to what.
  9. Exercising is mandatory if I want to eat pizza and cupcakes on the frequent, and on some days, I actually love to run.
  10. Money does not bring happiness, but it certainly makes life easier.
  11. I have not even scratched the surface of traveling or seeing the world.
  12. Thick skin is a requirement in life, because people will walk all over you and/or criticize you- daily.
  13. Retail therapy does work (preferably in combination with #4).
  14. While procrastination worked ten years ago, as I get older, it proves to seriously bite me in the ass.  Time management is, shocking, a time saver.
  15. I really like to grocery shop.
  16. When I look more put together on the outside, I feel more confident on the inside.
  17. Eating a small dessert every night is a secret to staying skinny and satisfied.
  18. I cannot wait to, one day, create the family I wish I had.
  19. I really cherish alone time, and love spending days to myself.
  20. I would rather live near mountains than the beach, and if I could move anywhere I think I would pick Colorado.
  21. Speeding up to pass a slow person while driving rarely gets me past a traffic light before them.
  22. Social networking sites are wonderful for staying connected, but can sometimes cause me to focus on other people’s lives more than my own.
  23. Sometimes people will not like me for absolutely no reason at all.
  24. When my apartment is cluttered, so is my mind.
  25. Life is very short, unpredictable, and unfair.  And also wonderful.

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