My Blog & I

Hi everyone!  My name is Stephanie and I am a 25 year old pharmacy student in South Florida.  I live with three great men- my boyfriend, my cat, and my guinea pig.


I originally started this blog with the intentions of it being a simple food blog because I am a foodie in progress.  I love eating food, trying new food, taking pictures of food, and talking about food.

That has not changed!

Since then, I have become so in love with the blogging process as a way to express myself, improve my creativity, and chronicle life while connecting with others.  As a 25 year old graduate student about to embark on the ‘real world’, life is changing at a pace that is both exciting and scary.  I find my mind is constantly racing with thoughts, some of them serious, some of them silly, and some (ok a lot) of them about food :)

This blog will serve as a tangible journey of growing up and developing my sense of self as I transition into my late twenties.  You will find a lot of posts regarding the important things in life (i.e. delicious food and adorable animals), as well as posts on topics of happiness, life, and my attempts to figure it all out.


My wonderful boyfriend, Ryan, and I

An obligatory “About Me” mention is that I am a University of Florida Alumni and Gator fan, and those were truly some of the best times of my life.  Go Gators!!

Go Gators!

Go Gators!

I am a die hard animal lover and pretty much melt at the thought/site of them.  Probably the one thing I love more than food!


Lance is a foodie too!

Lance is a foodie too!

This blog, like life, is a journey for me.  I invite you to join me because blogging, also like life, and unlike food, is better shared with others.


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