Life moves pretty fast….

Within a time span of seven days, from February 27-March 6 to be exact, so many parts of my life began to fall into place.  It’s crazy how everything exciting in life seems to happen all at once.  This week has been an absolute whirlwind.  I have been dying to blog about all of the exciting and scary changes ahead, both to share and to to have a moment of reflection for myself.

February 27: We took home this little bundle of joy.





Her name is Macy- Macy Mae to be be exact.  We had been talking about adopting a dog for the longest time now, but we never felt 100% ready for the added responsibility.  Then, it hit us.  We will never be 100% ready!  Life is always crazy and always busy and we are never going to want to walk a dog at 6am.  But, as any dog owner will tell you, the payoff is so worth it.  We finally just took the leap and did it.  We said ‘yes’ to the dog.  I would be lying if I didn’t mention the insane anxiety that the added responsibility gave us at first, but a little over a week in, we have fell into a routine and love her to death.

Obligatory rant:

Please, please, please if you are thinking about getting a dog, ADOPT!  The Humane Society and Rescue groups are loaded with the sweetest, kindest, friendliest, healthiest dogs of ALL ages and ALL breeds.  You can be placed on a list for a certain breed or seek out breed-specific rescues in your state, if you have a breed preference.  Of course, I’m partial to mutts, but to each is own :)  Not only are you adopting a family member for life, but it opens up a spot for another precious dog to come in from a kill-shelter or owner surrender.  I am so passionate about this, I could go on forever.  But, I’ll leave it at this: don’t shop, adopt!

March 1:  Celebrated Ryan’s 26th birthday

It is so crazy to admit, be we are getting old!  My man is in his last year of his ‘mid twenties’.  We went out to a nice dinner at J. Alexanders on Friday and celebrated out with friends on Saturday.  We really enjoyed the food at J. Alexanders, but I have to admit that I am partial to Houston’s [for that price range and cuisine].

Celebratory Drinks

Celebratory Drinks

Grilled Artichokes

Grilled Artichokes

Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese



The grilled artichokes were delicious!  The foodie in me is embarrassed to admit, however, that I have no clue how much of an artichoke to eat.  Oops.  The ‘not your ordinary’ mac and cheese was also delicious, but practically swimming in the cream and cheese.  I felt as though I were eating cream with macaroni in it.  Two bites was plenty.  My salmon was very good, served with a dill sauce on the side.  However, I have had better salmon at a restaurant [Bonefish Grill and Season’s 52 to name a few].  Either way, it was a lot of fun to have a reason to try a new restaurant.  Happy Birthday Ryan! … (Let’s see if he actually reads this)

March 1:  Signed up to run my first 10k

True story: I talk about “goals” and things I want to accomplish, but then, surprise, life gets too busy and it doesn’t happen.  Case in point: run a 10k.

Funny story:  I decided, after a particularly unproductive and difficult gym session, that it was time to 1) get back in shape, and 2) accomplish this frickin goal.  So, I came upstairs, and in the heat of the moment, signed up for the 1st 10k that takes place on a Sunday in my area (because I work on Saturdays).  I didn’t care about the cause, I simply wanted to cross this item off of my bucket list and have a reason to push my butt to run every week.

So, I am now signed up to run the “Gumbo Lumbo Green Turtle Gallop” on April 7.  Yes, I am running 6.2 miles for sea turtle conservation, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Sometimes, you have to stop talking about things you want to do, and just do it!

March 6: Official Job Offer!!!

I was officially offered a full time pharmacist position post-graduation.  And the kicker?  It is located right where I live.  Those of you who aren’t currently on the hunt for full time, well paying, post-grad school jobs in desirable/saturated areas may not fully understand, but this is huge!  I finally feel as though my hard work is paying off and I am getting what I deserve.  I can officially say I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is bright!

Honestly, I have been through some rough patches these past few years, and it feels pretty amazing to feel all of these good changes on the horizon.  It is not always easy to “just stay positive”or “just keep pushing on”, and many times I wanted to seriously punch people in the face for uttering those phrases to me.  But, life really does move in cycles, and things really do get better.  And sometimes, good things do happen to good people.

So many of our days are spent wishing more exciting things were happening or yearning for x amount of days/weeks/months to pass.  Then, when we finally arrive at that accomplishment/goal/vacation/ending we want so bad, it all happens so quickly, that we don’t even appreciate it as it’s unfolding.

This week was splendid and eye-opening for me, and I want to cherish this feeling of happiness, gratefulness, and uninterrupted joy.  I want to forget about my anxieties and fears of all the added responsibilities ahead of me, and just savor this feeling.

Because really, life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around one in a while, you might miss it.-Ferris Bueller.


The Best Worst Decision Ever

Ok guys- I have a big confession.  Yesterday morning, Ryan and I did something forbidden.  Something we have been talking about and dreaming about and wanting to do for so long, but we have held off because we know it is so bad for you.  No, I’m not talking about devouring an entire Publix vanilla cake  with buttercream frosting by ourselves (although we have done that).  That is child’s play compared to what we did.

We went to the local humane society just to look.  To “browse”, so to say.  Now anybody out there with half a heart who cares about animals as much as I do knows that this is an impossible task.  If you walk into the humane society, you do not come out empty handed.  It’s like walking into a bakery just to smell the aroma of pastries and cookies, but then leaving to go get a salad next door.  It just doesn’t work that way.

Needless to say, we fell in love with this muffin:


Her name is Layla, and she is a 2 year old pittie who is at the HS because her previous owner lost her job and can no longer afford her.  She is a sweetheart in every way.  She pretty much got on her back and spread her legs for a belly rub for about 30 minutes straight.

The only reason she is not next to me as I type this post is because the HS needs to contact our condo association to make sure it is ok that we have a pit bull.  This makes me angry/frustrated/nervous/sad all at the same time.  I’ll keep you guys posted.

The last part of this puzzle, besides approval from our condo association, is my boyfriend.  He LOVES Layla but is worried about her getting along with our cat, Lance.  Lance is a quiet and older cat and Layla is an energetic pit bull puppy.  He knows that the pit bull stereotype is mainly just that, but he does worry that Layla may snap at Lance or even unintentionally hurt him.  The HS says she is good with cats, and says that they will “cat test” her again before adoption, but of course our nerves are still a little high.  Lance is our baby too, and we would never live with ourselves if something happened to him.

So basically, I think it is going to happen very very soon.  We will be expanding our family sooner than anticipated.  We just want to take our time making a decision because this is a biggie!  We have to make sure we find the right match for us, and that we are the right match for the little muffin.

Layla is still pulling at our heart stings, and it is a heavy decision on our hearts right now.  I will keep you all updated on the status of this best worst decision ever :)